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Sustainable cooperation for a sustainable future

The public and private partners in the port of Antwerp collaborate closely to take stock of sustainability in the port and to improve it.

The port is the point where the "3Ps" of People, Planet and Prosperity interact most strongly, in an international context.

This third Sustainability Report is not just a continuation of the previous editions, it also deals more widely with various themes that have been identified as important by the stakeholders.

The previous editions can be found under Publications.
With the launch of the third report we also make the link with the 'Sustainable Development Goals' that were approved by the UN shortly before this report appeared.

We are convinced that through dialogue under the terms of this sustainability reporting for the port of Antwerp we can make our contribution to these 'Sustainable Development Goals'.

Video Sustainabillity Report


Jan 17

From all of us a very happy and sustainable new year!

Nov 16

The audience collectively held their breath as host Lieven Scheire, together with the Antwerp port alderman, Marc Van Peel, announced both the expert judges' and public voting results. And then finally, the moment everyone was waiting for: the winner of the first Sustainability Award was to be revealed! Curious to find out who won?

Oct 16

The new Sustainability Ambassadors were ceremonially introduced in the Egmont Palace, with the support of Marie Christine Marghem, Federal Minister for Sustainable Development. From now on, these 8 Ambassadors will promote and stimulate the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN for the period of one year.

May 16

With the Award the initiative-takers seek to recognise a project that contributes to the transition to a more sustainable port and the attainment at a local level of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in 2015.

Apr 16

Wind energy generated a record 191 megawatt-hours of electricity last year, enough for 17.5 million homes. Demand for wind energy is driving up employment, as well, according to an industry group.