By bike

Every day, on average, 700 cyclists drive past the bicycle counter in Scheldelaan. On average, employees who cycle in to work cover 19 km to and from home. A growing number is using an electric bike. By biking in to work, employees save money (especially because of the bike allowance which serves as a tax incentive), but it also benefits their health and reduces stress. Moreover, bikes do not emit harmful substances. Plenty of benefits, in other words. And employees should never be deterred by the bad weather as it only rains seven days out of every hundred days a year.

So how do employers stand to benefit from cycling? Encouraging employees to bike in to work comes with certain tax benefits. Moreover, you will need fewer parking spaces and you can limit the cost of movements on the job (if employees take the company bike instead of the car). What’s more, an employee who commutes to work by bike does not lose time in traffic or when finding a space to park. As a result, the employee will be able to estimate his travel time more accurately.

Bike safety is also very important, both for employees and employers. In recent years, the port has become a much safer place for cyclists. The Antwerp Port Authority and the Flemish Region are working to improve bike infrastructure in the port and are specifically targeting bottlenecks such as bridges and locks. The Antwerp Port Authority has also organised a ferry service in Kanaaldok for cyclists. 

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