Commuter traffic

Every day, tens of thousands of people earn their livelihood in the port. We help employees with their daily commute, by optimising the infrastructure and suggesting alternatives. We also offer input to employers, who want to take action themselves and make their employees’ commute to and from work more sustainable.

Good mobility management is a great way of making the commute to and from work and movements between workplaces more efficient and effective. This offers advantages for the employer, such as

  • tax deduction
  • less absenteeism
  • higher labour productivity levels 
  • less space needed for parking spaces
  • a good employer image

There are plenty of ways to make commuter traffic more sustainable:

  • collective transport
  • (e-)bikes
  • ferry services and the water bus
  • mobile working and teleworking
  • carpooling, e.g., with the special Port of Antwerp carpool platform
  • buses

Interested in learning more about the available mobility options and how we can help? Contact us!