Commuter traffic for employees

Antwerp’s port employs people from the wider region. More than 15,000 men and women who live in the city of Antwerp work in the port. A whopping 94% percent of the workforce of the port of Antwerp live in the provinces of Antwerp and East Flanders. An estimated 15 to 30 percent of the population of the surrounding municipalities also work in the port. All these people commute to and from the port, which is why the port and its partners wants to encourage all these commuters to make sustainable choices. Four out of every five employees drive into work by car, meaning they have to deal with congestion (which they also help cause) and have an impact on air quality. This figure must be reduced by 10 percent around 2030.



One in five employees uses a sustainable option for commuting to and from work, such as collective transport or the bicycle, carpooling or public transport. Besides ecological benefits, choosing a more sustainable mobility solution also benefits your health (more exercise, less stress) and your budget (bicycle allowance or reimbursement of your public transport pass, no car expenditure and so on). That is why Alfaport-VOKA also developed (in Dutch), a website that informs employers about the various alternative mobility solutions.

More bicycles

The Antwerp Port Authority is working on optimising cycling infrastructure. An example of this is the renovation of the cycling path along Scheldelaan (to the north of BASF), which is used by 600 cyclists daily. Cyclists from every residential area near the port will be able to ride to the port safely after these works. The cycling map displays safe routes. Investing in safe cycling works, as the number of accidents during the commute to and from work by bike has dropped. Did you spot a problem on a cycling path in or to the port? Report it here.

Why not take the water bus more often to cross the Scheldt?

Use the ferry services and the new water bus to get to the port. You can even take your bike on board.

More collective transport

Use the collective transport and shuttle buses, which companies have set up, like 10 percent of the workforce in the port.

More carpooling

A limited number of employees who commute into work by car share a car with others. Carpooling is cheaper (both for the driver and the passengers) and can be fun. The Antwerp Port Authority and the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation have created a carpool platform to encourage ridesharing. You can easily find a carpool partner on this platform, in your own company or in other companies such as CNH industrial Belgium nv, ENGIE Electrabel, Hanjin Shipping and Lanxess, Arlanxeo, BASF, Eurochem, Inovyn and Styrolution.

More agile working

A growing number of companies now give their employees the option to work off-site now and then or to work flexible hours. This can improve employees’ work-life balance, increase productivity and reduce congestion as you no longer have to drive into work during the rush hour. Agile working allows you to choose where and when you work, as long as you follow your company’s working time regulations. The Antwerp Port Authority also applies this new way of working.

More efficiency by car

The Antwerp Port Authority informs people who must be in the port about ongoing works on roads, bridges and locks so they can avoid unexpected diversions or do not lose time waiting. is another useful tool, which also suggests alternatives.

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