Here in the port, we find contact with the people who live near the port very important. We open the doors of Havenland wide to you and invest in the local community. In addition to this, we also actively encourage companies in the port to communicate with the citizens who live near their site.

Community Fund

The Antwerp Port Authority established the Community Fund to support initiatives of the municipalities around the port. It has already granted financial aid for a skate ramp for youngsters in Ossendrecht and for a sport event in Stabroek. It is a great way of showing the people who live nearby, who see the port on a daily basis, but have no business there, that the Antwerp Port Authority likes to invest in people’s living environment.

Sustainability event

Every two years, the Antwerp Port Authority organises a sustainability event for the port community. The sustainability report is presented during the event and the port authority makes a donation to a charity in the name of every participant. In 2015, our donation went to De Schroef.

Companies reach out to you

The Antwerp Port Authority and its partners also help companies reach out to the local community. Here are some of the initiatives that have been launched:

  • Many companies invest in accessible online communication, with updated information and answers to frequently asked questions on their website, with user-friendly contact forms, with social media such as Facebook and Twitter and with a dedicated e-mail address.
  • In the event of an incident, they always have a crisis communication plan that is ready to implement, ensuring that you, as a neighbour, are immediately informed and know what you can or should do.
  • The business community also invests in magazines for neighbourhood residents, which are also available online. 
  • Moreover, companies believe in taking up their role in the local community, which is why they like to invest in social, sports, cultural, educational and ecological initiatives. Companies also organise an event for neighbourhood residents now and then, such as Infrabel which organised an information session or festive inauguration of new infrastructure.
  • The port community sponsors several sports and cultural events in the local community.


Some companies like to go that extra mile in terms of participation. Complaints and questions can be submitted by calling a separate information hotline, which is available 24/7 or during a consultation (e.g., the Klankbordraad of the Doel nuclear power plant (in Dutch) or BASF Antwerp’s Burenoverleg). The reports of these meetings are published online and everyone has access to them.

Do you live near the port? Contact the communication department of BASF, ENGIE Electrabel’s nuclear power plant in Doel or Infrabel or the Antwerp Port Authority or Havenland.

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