Antwerp’s port community is aware of the impact of its activities on the people who work and live nearby. That is why the port focuses on sustainable measures. In logistics and transport - the port’s economic role - but also in industrial production. And that is how the port strives to limit its impact on climate, nature and the environment. 


We think about how we can make all the port activities more sustainable, including the transportation of people and freight. Find out more about our sustainable actions and plans for freight transport, transport in the foreland or the hinterland or commuter traffic.

The environment

Antwerp’s port community focuses on the various forms of nuisance that may be caused by the port’s activities, including air quality and pollution, excessive noise, soil pollution, water pollution, odour nuisance, waste and so on.


The Port of Antwerp’s ambition is to achieve a low-carbon economy. This is a great challenge. But our efforts are vital.