Flexible working

Most people no longer are required to work in an office from 8 till 5. Some tasks can easily be done in another location or at other times of the day. Employees lose less time in morning or evening traffic as a result and this new way of working also saves them a lot of frustration and diversion. Moreover, flexible working can even increase employee productivity and satisfaction. 

Several companies in the port have already chosen to implement flexible or agile working arrangements, where possible. Under these arrangements employees have control over the time and location of their work. You can work wherever you want as long as you have a laptop and a good Internet connection.

There are several benefits for employers too. Firstly, you spend less on parking spaces and office space and your employees lose less time during their commute. Your employees will have a better work-life balance and will experience less stress, which, in turn, increases employee satisfaction and motivation, engagement and productivity, resulting in less turnover and absenteeism.

Naturally, not every job or task can be done under a flexible work arrangement. Flex-time schedules, which allow employees to start and stop working when they want, as long as they do this within a specific time frame, are a good alternative in that case. PSA, for example, has various workplaces so everyone is not always compelled to work in the same office. This also reduces the number of cars on the road during the morning and evening rush hour. 

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