Freight handling

Container traffic is growing worldwide. As the second largest container port in Europe, the port of Antwerp plays an important role in this evolution. As such, we also contribute to creating jobs and social prosperity. In addition to this, we also continuously search for more ecologically sustainable solutions.

Companies rely on a mix of various transport options. One of the port’s strengths is that it can provide a response to this, offering more environment-friendly options. The port is your partner for value added logistics and the combination of various transport methods. We specialise in the loading, unloading and storage of goods in the links between the foreland, the port itself and the hinterland.

  • The Port of Antwerp owes its extremely favourable location in Europe to its short distance to the North Sea. Seafaring vessels can call at Antwerp after a short journey, of less than 100 km. As a result, most goods can be easily transferred to the port by sea. Shipping is a more environment-friendly transport option than air freight or road haulage. Often only the first or the last phase of the transport must be carried out by train or trucks.
  • Goods can be stored in the port until they are transferred to another transport mode. Many companies in the port specialise in various types of bulk cargo. 
  • An efficient inland waterway and rail transport network, both sustainable transport options, assures the connection with the hinterland. Transport by barge continues to be a safe, reliable and fast transport option. And a growing number of companies are also opting for rail transport.
  • Pipelines can also transport certain goods, such as gas, to other industrial zones, even to the port of Rotterdam. You no longer need a train, ship or truck in other words. We want to see this volume increase.

The amount of liquid bulk that is stored or distributed in Antwerp is experiencing a strong upward trend because of the presence of many petrochemical companies. So there are several benefits to the clustering of companies and specialised storage and distribution options.

Do you require a sustainable solution for the handling of your company’s goods? Contact us, we will gladly advise you.

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