Havenland recreational project

There is plenty to learn and experience in the port, including in its valuable nature areas and among its magnificent and unique heritage. The companies in the port and the municipalities around it recognise the port’s many assets for society. That is why they are investing in more recreational and educational facilities within the port, with “Havenland”.

Havenland aims to establish a stronger, more durable connection between the port and the local community around it. Havenland is a label for all kinds of initiatives and aims to introduce the community to all the fascinating aspects of the port. Moreover, Havenland also receives support from the Government of Flanders, to make the port more accessible for tourists and the local community. 

Havenland can assist companies with their positioning, as an employer for example. Many of the companies in the port are relatively unknown to the community that lives near them. At the same time, these companies are interested in recruiting new employees in the local community. So companies stand to benefit from people understanding what goes on in the port in general, and in their company more specifically. 

A company can partner with Havenland for a positive image, when communicating about or promoting a special project, initiative or event. 

The French photographer Cyprien Clement-Delmas created a stunning photo series of dock workers, employees, managers and security guards as they go about their business at ITC Rubis in Waaslandhaven. The photos have been enlarged and can be seen throughout the tank terminal. ITC Rubis is currently considering exhibiting the photos off-site, where the public can also see them, in a partnership with Havenland. Soon cyclists and hikers will have a better idea of what goes on behind the fences of this company. The photos are also used in all public communication of Havenland, in cycling maps, press releases and publications.

Companies can also use Havenland’s facilities for events, such as a teambuilding in Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe or about accommodation near the port. 

If you are hosting an important delegation, Havenland can also help you put together a programme full of fascinating activities including 
-    guided tours so your visitors can get to know more about the logistics and industrial activities in the port.
-    Mapped out hikes and bike tours along well-maintained cycling paths, ferries and walking trails.
-    Tips and information for anyone interested in learning more about the port’s history and visiting the various museums in and around the port.

You can visit one of the many information centres, in the MAS Port Pavilion, the Port Centre, the Port Authority’s building, Fort Liefkenshoek and the information shed of the Hedwige-Prosper project.  

Download the Havenland leaflet (in Dutch) with the information centres on a map and their contact details

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