The Port of Antwerp is growing. More and more companies are understanding the benefits of having a branch in the port area, taking advantage of its perfect inland location and growing infrastructure and facilities. Unmistakeable assets for every entrepreneur’s business.

One important asset is the maritime, logistics, and industrial cluster in the port. Here goods and raw materials can be produced, received, weighed, controlled, prepared for shipment or stored. Companies can also buy raw materials from other companies in the port.

We can bring together companies in the port area by clustering logistics, maritime and industrial activities. This:

  • reduces transport distances (and the environmental impact).
  • allows companies to organise themselves and work together more efficiently to maximise economic efficiency.
  • increases the number of jobs (both direct and indirect).
  • increases added value in the region: value added logistics ensure that goods are not just shipped but also processed (packed, labelled, assembled...) here.

It is our duty to lead by example when it comes to sustainability. As a role model, we want to inspire the region to invest in sustainable entrepreneurship, raising support for economic developments. The port is already making a sustained effort with:

Sustainable enterprise stimulates a favourable and future-oriented investment climate, allowing the port to remain a flourishing and prosperous region.

The city’s proximity ensures there are always new capable employees available. But there is also a good workforce to be found elsewhere, including in the Province of Antwerp, in the Waasland region and in the south-west of the Netherlands. The port is also investing in sustainable commuting options for its employees. 

Your company can move into the port of Antwerp. Having a presence in the port area offers you plenty of opportunities for the sustainable growth and development of your business.  

The Port of Antwerp also works towards and provides support for sustainable cooperation. Want to find out more or make an appointment? Contact us! 

Sustainable Development Goals Port of Antwerp