The Port of Antwerp creates an investment climate in which economic activities can be profitable as part of a sustainable approach. Economic development is given plenty of opportunities without posing a threat to the community and the environment. This is possible in the port of Antwerp. Every company, whether large or smaller, can be a sustainable enterprise in the port of Antwerp.

The benefits of sustainable enterprise

A company’s image is enhanced by the sustainable choices it makes. This positively influences its relationship with partners, the authorities, society, stakeholders and employees.  As such, sustainable policy can have an impact on a company’s turnover. But there are plenty of other financial advantages:

  • By responding to market and societal developments, companies are better prepared for the future and for potential crises.
  • Companies will discover opportunities for working more efficiently and innovating by critically reviewing every aspect of their operations.

Sustainable enterprise will improve a company’s competitive position in other words.

Additional assets for sustainable enterprises in the port of Antwerp

Strong arguments for choosing to establish a branch in the port of Antwerp include high productivity in logistics, customer-oriented service and expertise and the available land and warehousing space. Besides this, the presence of several (petro)chemical companies also creates opportunities for cooperation and integration with new companies.

What’s more, companies can get even more out of their investment in the port of Antwerp when investing in sustainable enterprise here:

  • The port’s central location, in the heart of the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Rhine-Ruhr-cluster, means it is ideally suited for barge transport.
  • The Port Authority invests the revenue from its wind energy into innovative energy solutions in the port. Companies can request financial compensation or information and support for energy audits, strategic energy plans or lighting surveys from the Energy Fund. 
  • Companies can use Wind aan de Stroom and the ECLUSEsteam network. Read more about green energy in the port.
  • The Antwerp, Flemish and Belgian authorities create a favourable investment climate for companies. Learn more about cost-saving subsidy measures here. 
  • Social welfare, ecology and enterprise are inextricably linked. We believe that sustainability involves much more than just focussing on the environmental impact. The Port Authority invests in a safe and healthy future for the people and the community in and around the port. And you contribute to this by choosing the Port of Antwerp.
  • Belgium has a highly skilled workforce. The available expertise offers potential for innovation and development.

Sustainable Development Goals Port of Antwerp