Rail transport

Antwerp is one of the biggest rail ports in Europe. Over 20 million tons of cargo are transported by rail every year. The Port of Antwerp’s ambition is to further increase the share of transport by rail as it is an efficient and safe transport alternative. What’s more, it is also sustainable: rail transport reduces a company’s carbon footprint. That is why we are extending our rail offering, by creating new links and improving existing ones. This is the task of the Port of Antwerp Intermodal Solutions platform. 

Expanding capacity

  • In December 2014, construction was completed on the Liefkenshoek rail tunnel, a 16.2-kilometre tunnel connecting the left and right banks of the River Scheldt.  The rail link has a capacity of 109 freight trains a day in both directions. It offers time saving of more than 30 minutes, compared with the old route through the Kennedy rail tunnel.
  • Rail access to the port on the right bank will improve in the next years, among others by the construction of a fly-over, increasing capacity by approximately 30% on the principal rail access. 
  • In the long term, the port hopes a second rail access will be built. The final design should be agreed in the coming years.
  • The Government of Flanders and the Port of Antwerp find it very important that freights trains can use the Iron Rhine again. This line connects Antwerp’s port with the German Ruhr region and is a perfect alternative to the Montzen-Aachen route, offering a cost-efficient connection with the main German and Central-European regions.   
  • The principal access will be adapted. A new, grade-separated junction in Ekeren-Oude Landen will increase the capacity of this line by 30%, i.e., from 340 to 470 trains every 24 hours.
  • We are working closely with the interland hubs in Genk, Grobbendonk, Liège, Brussels, Geleen and Duisburg in this framework. Raw materials and goods leave from these hubs to consumption, production and distribution centres across Europe. 

Intermodal Solutions

One of the port’s greatest assets is its central inland location. The Port of Antwerp wants to become the preferred port of all forwarders. Port of Antwerp Intermodal Solutions suggests practical solutions for improving the connection with the hinterland even more, with faster and smarter connections and new target regions. This partnership is a neutral service desk and point of contact for all your questions and ideas about intermodal opportunities or combined transport. Besides this, Intermodal Solutions can also facilitate intermodal projects financially. The platform already provides support for rail links in the Rhine region, to Paris and Eastern Europe, and in Bavaria and the Southern Netherlands.
Got a question or have an idea you want to share? Please contact Intermodal Solutions.

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