The port is a unique place to go for a surprising and instructive experience. Explore the port by bike, boat or bus or take a walk in one of the many nature areas. Are you an angler or an amateur photographer?  Are you interested in learning more about the port’s history? Various stakeholders in the port offer plenty of activities and relaxing opportunities for tourists and the local community.

A nature walk

Learn more about our efforts to ensure 600 hectares of nature have every opportunity to develop during a walk in the port. The port area is home to some unique plant and animal species because of the brackish water (where salty water and fresh water converge), the tides and the calcareous soils full of shell sand. Ninety threatened species have found a protected environment in the port where they can thrive. Some of the plants and animals are so rare that they are exclusively found in the port of Antwerp. The salt marshes and mudflats in and around the water are a real paradise for water birds, amphibians and flowers.

Natuurpunt and the Antwerp Port Authority worked together to develop the “Antwerpse Haven Natuurlijker” project, consisting of an ecological infrastructure project in the port. Moreover, a species protection programme also guarantees the survival of certain vulnerable animals and plants. You can find further information about our investments in nature development here.

We let nature take its course without interference in areas in and around the port, under the watchful and expert eye of the employees and volunteers of Natuurpunt. Guided walks are regularly organised in De Kuifeend, Grote Kreek and Verlegde Schijns and Paardenschor and Schor Ouden Doel. You can also observe parts of Galgeschoor and Groot Buitenschoor, Drijdijck, Putten West and Zoetwaterkreek and Prosperpolder Noord and Doelpolder from the observation towers and dikes. More information? Contact Natuurpunt.

There are plenty of (wheelchair-friendly) paths in other nature areas that are also open to the public. Explore these surprising nature areas:

And many more such as Oude landen and Bospolder. More info? Contact Natuurpunt.


Free port cycling map

Anyone who wants to combine healthy exercise with an exploration of the port can test their stamina with four mapped cycling routes, of 10 to 60 kilometres. Discover how industrious the port and nature are in this flat landscape. You can pick up the port cycling map or a smartphone holder for your handlebars (if you prefer to use our app) for free from the MAS port pavilion. Visit East Flanders and Visit Waasland also have several Havenland routes you can explore.


See the port from the water

You can also explore the port from a different and rather unique perspective, during a fascinating tour on the Scheldt or if you take the Water Bus. You will have a better idea of the activities on the quays and will sail past gigantic ships that are hundreds of metres long.


Explore the port by bus

You can also visit the port by bus. Several organisations offer bus tours in the port. Discover some places you would never dream of visiting with an expert guide.

  • Bustours Port of Antwerp and the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation organise free port tours, on the left and right banks of the Scheldt, with an expert guide of the town of Beveren, the MAS Port Pavilion or the Port Centre. They also highlight the port’s sustainable character.
  • Bustours Antwerp Port Tours: Laurens Van Lieshout, who was recently awarded the title of Port Hero, travels around the port area with his bus. You can discover the goings on inside the port with an iPad during his tour.


Exploring the port with a guide

Are you interested in organising a guided tour of the port yourself? Here you can find a guide who knows the port inside and out:

  • The tourist office of the municipality of Beveren has several excellent guides. They are experts when it comes to the port’s development on the Left Scheldt Bank and in Beveren.
  • The Port Centre in Lillo promotes activities in the port, with an emphasis on young people and employment. On weekdays they tour the port with schools, but other groups and private individuals are also welcome.


Feel like a bit of fishing in a pretty location in the port? You can. Antwerp’s port offers a stunning backdrop for anglers. While you wait for a fish to bite your bait, there is plenty of activity to observe, both on the quays and in the docks, or on the Scheldt.

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