Every employee in the port must be able to work in a safe environment. The number of occupational accidents is dropping every year, but investments are still vital. In 2014, we launched an ambitious safety plan. By 2020, we aim to halve the number of occupational accidents.

The Joint Global Prevention Plan comprises seven points for action for a safe and healthy environment:

  • Working conditions in the port must be safe.
  • Safety is everyone’s mission, in a genuine culture of safety that has everyone’s support.
  • Man and machine must be separated as much as possible.
  • The material used by the workforce must be safe.
  • We work with supply chain partners to control external factors in occupational accidents.
  • Safety must be a mission of the community, for more widespread support and to ensure the efforts pay off more.
  • We work with all the stakeholders to share expertise and ideas, and to learn how to better assess risks.

The compulsory training and first aid training courses that employees can follow through the training institutions help increase employees’ safety. This is just one example of the initiatives that underpin this prevention plan for occupational accidents.

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