Soil quality

Industry and logistics are part and parcel of the port’s activity and have been for many decades. We have carefully monitored the impact of these activities on soil quality since 1995.

The port focuses both on historical contamination and on potential new contamination.

  • Under Flemish soil legislation, we must survey risk areas and map and deal with any potential soil contamination. Businesses, concession holders and the Antwerp Port Authority remediate soil where appropriate. Figures show that a growing number of sites has been remediated and that more and more sites have been mapped or additional measures are necessary.
  • Soil protection measures prevent new contamination. If new contamination does occur, e.g., because of accidents or accidental spills, swift action is taken.

The companies in the port help improve soil quality by complying with the regulations.

You can request information and support from the Flemish Public Waste Agency OVAM or the Port Authority’s Environment service.

Don’t wait too long, as potential contamination should be dealt with as soon as possible. This reduces the impact on the environment, on the community and on your business.

Click to report a potential contamination if you face one

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