Stakeholder participation

Stakeholders are a very diverse group. They include employees, the neighbouring companies, customers, suppliers, the local community, local government, knowledge institutions and many others. By conferring with these third parties, in a transparent and accessible manner, companies can find out what they need to work on (jointly). The company’s sustainable growth and future depend on more engagement and understanding from all the stakeholders.

You can increase support for your company by informing stakeholders properly, ensuring participation.

  • People will better understand what your company does as a result. They will appreciate the open communication and, consequently, your business more.
  • You can think together about how to enhance strengths and tackle weaknesses.
  • Conflicts between a company and its stakeholders can be clarified as part of a relationship of trust, reducing the risk of damage to your reputation.
  • A long-term strategy allows you to better assess how stakeholders might respond, and whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage for the execution of your plans.
  • People from outside the company or people who do not belong to management can inspire the company with fresh, innovative ideas for living and working together more sustainably. 


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