Support from the local community

The port forms part of a larger region that includes Flanders, Belgium and Europe. The port community aspires to maintain a healthy relationship with the region and the community around it. This is measured every year with the Experience Barometer.

The Experience Barometer explores the public’s perception and knowledge of the port, focussing on people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. It examines citizens’ views on the port’s impact on the economy, nature and the environment and the opportunities for tourism and leisure. 

One conclusion is that Antwerp’s port is considered a genuine engine of the economy and for employment. At the same time, we realised that many of the sustainable projects in the port, such as the wind farm or the second rail access to the port are relatively unknown. Something we must focus on in our dialogue with the local community. We already inform the population through social media, with our ‘Haven & Goed’ magazine and all kinds of events.

Sustainable Development Goals Port of Antwerp

CMB Hydroville winner of the 2018 Sustainability Award

The Hydroville is the first ever passenger ship powered by hydrogen, a fuel from the future. Discover how this small passenger shuttle will serve as a test to implement hydrogen technology on a larger scale