Sustainability report

This is the fourth Sustainability Report for the port of Antwerp published by Antwerp Port Authority, the Left Bank Development Corporation and Alfaport-Voka Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland. This biannual Sustainability Report has become a touchstone for the port’s ambition to remain a leader in creation of sustainable added value.

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The publication is still unique in terms of sustainability reporting, because the reporting is done by the port community as a whole, produced in close collaboration with the many stakeholders. Furthermore, the report is not a standalone production but instead forms part of a transition process. It is a tool for reacting in a sustainable, proactive way to the great worldwide, regional and local challenges that are now making themselves felt, such as climate change, mobility, digitisation, and migration and social integration. Against this background, in consultation with the stakeholders it has been decided to take the UN Sustainable Development Goals as the main guidelines for this process of transitioning to a more sustainable port.


Opruimactie Galgeschoor kick-off voor port cleanup

De opruimactie van het Galgeschoor in de Port of Antwerp is dé kick-off van de Port clean-up actie.