Training courses

The port needs a sufficient number of highly-skilled employees to ensure its sustainable growth. That is why the port focuses on training and on our contacts with knowledge and education institutions and on a sufficient and qualitative offering for employees.

Nearby secondary schools that offer technical or vocational education establish contacts with companies in the port for practical visits, work placements and more. The technical school in Beveren even has a seventh specialisation year for port activities. We also work closely together with university colleges and universities.

The port has a good training offering for compulsory training (e.g., on the IMDG code and port bylaws for harmful substances), for refresher courses and for trainings that enhance other employee competences (e.g., first aid). These courses are offered by the following organisationsCEPA, VDAB, Portilog, Talentenstroom and CVO. Shortage occupations are filled by very targeted training courses.

Sustainable Development Goals Port of Antwerp

CMB Hydroville winner of the 2018 Sustainability Award

The Hydroville is the first ever passenger ship powered by hydrogen, a fuel from the future. Discover how this small passenger shuttle will serve as a test to implement hydrogen technology on a larger scale