Training courses for future employees

A diverse offering of training courses and programmes ensures that vacancies will be filled in the port in the future. On the one hand, employees can choose from an array of follow-up training courses. There are also plenty of training programmes and courses for people who are interested in working in the port, at the start of their career or after having worked in other sectors.



Partners in training

Various organisations provide support to companies, employees and jobseekers.

Highly-qualified personnel is a requirement for any organisation that aims to provide a solid response to market challenges. That is why many companies in the port invest in in-house training. The number of training hours per employee has risen every year since 2009-2010, when it dropped because of the economic crisis. Companies can contact CEPA and Portilog about follow-up training for their employees.

People who are interested in a job in the port - whether they are jobseekers or are considering a career change - can choose from a wide array of specialised training programmes, organised by CVO Antwerpen, Talentenstroom and VDAB.

From a young age

There are plenty of ways to introduce youngsters to the port in education. Our aim is to interest them in a career in the port. Do you have children, are you a pupil, student or teacher? Learn more about what the port has to offer from a young age.

  • Talentenstroom has created course materials for teachers and lecturers who want to inform their students about jobs in the port.
  • The port works with secondary technical and vocational training programmes in nearby schools, such as GTI Beveren.
  • Activities and events targeting pupils and students
  • Support for the construction of the “Leerhaven” campus for all waterassociated training courses in the community education system.
  • A special course on breakbulk as part of the logistics management training programme of Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp.
  • The Port Centre in Lillo is a multimedia information centre and organises thematic tours for schools, associations and businesses.
  • Children and youngsters (under 14) can explore the experience centre in Fort Liefkenshoek. The centre offers a fun introduction to the history of this impressive fortress and the stories of the people who lived there.
  • People of all ages can also learn more about the port in the MAS Port Pavilion.

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