Transition to a Multi-Fuel Port

Antwerp is the fifth-largest bunkering port in the world. It therefore has an important role to play in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy for shipping.

Port of Antwerp aims to become a Multi-Fuel Port by 2025, a port where in addition to conventional fuels, alternative, more sustainable fuels can also be made available.Specifically we will achieve this by:

  • Including methanol, hydrogen gas and electrical energy in the bunkering market
  • Further expanding LNG bunkering (at the moment some 750 tonnes of LNG is bunkered annually in the port of Antwerp)
  • Developing conventional bunkering into a fully fledged port service in its own right, with the introduction of a high-quality licensing system and a digitisation path. 

Next steps

In the short term we have opted to include methanol, hydrogen gas and electrical energy in the bunkering market. There are sufficient indications that these fuels will find eager acceptance by barge, shortsea and deep-sea shipping, and they will also pass our "sustainability check."As regards other alternatives such as dimethyl ether, ammonia, ethane, formic acid and LPG we will keep a close eye on developments. We are positioning ourselves in a fast-changing world and we welcome new ideas, initiatives and technologies within the port platform.