Water mobility

Passenger transport by water is safe, pleasant, fast, without congestion and sustainable, meaning both the employers and the employees stand to benefit. By using ferry services as a permanent transport alternative where possible, we will also add waterborne transport to the range of transport options for commuters.  

Various infrastructure works in the city (e.g., bridges, tunnels and roads) require people to seek more creative solutions. Moreover, pilot waterborne transport projects were assessed as having a positive impact. Currently there are three ways of crossing the river, to get to and from the port:

  • The Water Bus on the Scheldt has six stops every half hour
  • Kanaaldok ferry service: from June until October 2017, seven days a week, as a replacement for Lillobrug. 
  • Sint-Anna ferry service: between the left bank and the right bank.

These transport options can be used by cyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair users.

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