Vote for the Port of Antwerp Sustainability Award 2018!

Antwerp Port Authority, the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation and Alfaport Voka are presenting the second Sustainability Award to a company in the port on 29 November 2018. This award recognises a project that is committed to corporate social responsibility and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.

ECLUSE won the award in 2016 and is currently building a steam network that eventually will save 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. This time Ashland Specialities BelgiumBASF en CMB have been nominated for the Sustainability Award 2018. The jury chose these projects from 18 entries

Your vote counts! The online voting runs until 19 November 2018. The votes of the audience and the points of the jury will be added together and we will know who the winner is of the Sustainability Award 2018.

Watch the videos and cast your vote!


Ashland installed 2 extra buffer basins to collect rainwater on their own and neighbouring sites. This results in saving 64,000 m³ drinking water each year, which would otherwise be used in the water purification proces. Assessment by the jury: The reuse of rainwater by Ashland Specialities Belgium is more topical than ever. The jury admires the collaboration between companies and the simplicity of this inventive project with a clear impact.

BASF: New aniline and energy recovery plant

BASF produces 530,000 tonnes of aniline annually. It has now built two new units that recover up to 30% of the product that would otherwise be lost, while also recovering 40,000 tonnes of steam that can be reused on the site. This cuts the amount of waste generated by 90%, while also saving 200 truck trips per year. Assessment by the jury: This project proves that innovative and efficiency-enhancing applications can deliver sustainable benefits in many areas. The recovery of a valuable substance and energy fits in the transition to a circular economy and the positive impact on mobility creates a win-win.

CMB: Hydroville, hydrogen-powered passenger shuttle for employees

The Hydroville is the first passenger boat in the port of Antwerp powered by hydrogen. This fuel is not only more environment-friendly but also contributes towards more sustainable travel between home and work. Assessment by the jury: CMB is taking a pioneering role with this innovative and future-oriented project. Hydrogen is the energy source of the future. The jury is convinced that this initiative will act as a catalyst for other players in the market, in Belgium and abroad.

Opruimactie Galgeschoor kick-off voor port cleanup

De opruimactie van het Galgeschoor in de Port of Antwerp is dé kick-off van de Port clean-up actie.